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Carpenter Ant Extermination Port Chester NY

We offer inspection to interior / exterior perimeters. Inspection to bordering trees. One time treatments to bi-yearly treatments. Wall cavity injections, carpenter ant baits, natural, botanical repellency sprays, chemical applications. General questions can be answered over the phone, but nothing is better than a thorough structure inspection.

Carpenter Ant Service Plan
Initial Service: Infestation treatment may include the interior of the structure, basement or crawl space, attached garage, kitchen, laundry, first and second floor, bathrooms and attic, if accessible.

Exterior service: Injections in wall cavities known or suspected of harboraging nesting Carpenter Ants, Exterior foundation wall treatment and or granular insecticide treatment to mulch beds, lawns etc., abutting foundation walls.

One follow up treatment be performed to the exterior of the structure, interior pending activity. We are on call if treatment is needed between services. Our Carpenter Ant Treatment Program will eliminate all nesting sites in your home.