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Termite Treatment and Control Westport CT

Termite Treatment and Control:
Termite prevention can range from a yearly inspection with no treatments, to placing a Termite Monitoring System in the ground around the exterior perimeter of the building. When Termites are found active in a structure, chemical applications can be made to the soil, or infested wood members. The chemicals we use are non-repellent to the Termites and have a history of high success in complete elimination of the colony. The Termites themselves through their natural movement in their colony transfer these non-repellent products. The working cast of the colony is the first cast to collapse. Without these workers, the rest of the colony soon collapses as well. Most of the timelines for this is around 3-6 months.

New Home Termite Pre-Treatments:
A new home can be built with many new termite shields, and/or composite woods which make it difficult and near impossible for termites to enter or damage a structure. We can give you the information on where to look up the information.

Chemical pre-treatments can be done to specific soil areas of a structure were termite vulnerability is high. All chemicals used are EPA registered in CT and NY and applied per label rate. Special considerations are always taken when dealing with high water tables, wells, cisterns and wetlands.

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