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I’ve been using Aavon Pest Control, Inc. for many years. They service a wide variety of problems for my clients with excellent results. Aavon looks for long term solutions and they guarantee all their work. Aavon is always quick to respond and communicate back to me on a timely manner.

Glen Sabine

Castle Management Property Services

Aavon was quick at responding to my call. Inspected my home and found the infestation and sources of entry. The service technician was informative and performed his work cleanly and efficiently. I would recommend them highly to any one.


Lori Ellis

Aavon Pest Control, Inc. came to my home and thoroughly inspected, found the source of my problem that had been miss-diagnosed prior and solved my problem within 3 months. They were very responsive, thorough, and fairly priced checking with other companies quotes. I couldn’t be happier!

Bob Stafford

I called Aavon Pest Control, Inc. for a rodent infestation I was having. I had to keep all my pantry foods in my refrigerator! Aavon came to my home within 24 hours of my call. A mouse service program was set up sealing off the house foundation at the entry points. They did not make me lock into a long term contract, giving me an option of regular services or on-call services. I’ve been very satisfied after the first service, and they solved my problem!

Edna Ross

I know they have been recommended here before- Call AAVON pest control.

Dave is terrific and the best thing about the company is that they are careful about using chemicals of any kind in households (or yards) where there are children. They recommended for our acreage and deer problem (a heavily wooded lot with a frequent herd of at least 7) that we spray at least twice a year- possibly 3 times.

Good luck

Fran Daly

8 Reasons to Call Aavon

  1. We conduct custom inspections to analyze and treat your specific pest problem.
  2. Better Business Bureau Reliability Program member with an A+ Rating.
  3. Fully licensed in Connecticut and New York for all pest control and humane animal removal.
  4. We use an integrated and holistic approach to all pest solutions.
  5. Safety first, always. We consider health concerns, children, pets, as well as other insects and wildlife in our treatment plans.
  6. Quick, friendly responses from our professional, in-house team.
  7. Aavon is equipped with the latest tools and training within the Pest Control industry.
  8. All work is backed by our satisfaction guarantee.